Chapter Meeting:  Data Breaches & RIM

As a RIM Manager, how prepared are you to respond to a data breach?

October 28, 2019 11:30 - 1:00 PDT

Mount Diablo and Silicon Valley Chapters will hold a joint meeting this month.

Stephen Wu We constantly see news reports about information security breaches. We receive a steady stream of breach notifications in the mail. Companies’ security breaches lead to liability, lawsuits, and spending huge amounts defending themselves. How can records management professionals help companies prevent breaches and mitigate their effects? In this talk, information security attorney and author Stephen Wu will speak about legal requirements for information security, liability for security breaches, security terms in contracts, preparing for incident response, and security management best practices.

This will be a Virtual Meeting that attendees will be able to see and hear on their computer, in the comfort of their own office, cubicle or home.  No travelling necessary!

Attendees are requested to Register in advance so that connection information can be sent to them prior to the Presentation.

Contact Information:

Phone:  1-515-604-9094
Access Code:  382-505-556

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