Meet the 2019-2021 Board of Directors

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Rachel Stewart - President  
Rachel Stewart Rachel Stewart recently retired from Western Digital Corporation where she held the position of Records & Information Manager for nearly 13 years. Overall, Rachel’s Records Management career has spanned over 30 years working for technology companies, that included Intel and SanDisk. Included in those 30 years, are over 10 years managing the Intel Museum Archives Collections; one of her favorite jobs!

Her career in records management began as the Intel Records Retention Center clerk. Neither she, nor her manager knew anything about running a retention center. While benchmarking nearby technology companies, they learned about ARMA. Becoming involved in ARMA made a difference back then and continued to make a difference through-out her career. She believes strongly in the power of ARMA networking, education and sharing of information.

Rachel is the 2019\2020 Mt. Diablo Chapter Board President. She has also held several Board positions on the Silicon Valley Chapter Board of Directors and is currently the Silicon Valley Community Services Director.
In her “down time”, you will find Rachel volunteering for several causes, her favorite is Detention Ministry, where she is a Chaplain for the Diocese of San Jose.

One of her most ambitious retirement goals is to beat her 9-year old granddaughter, Isabella, at arcade air hockey! They are both very competitive!
Charlie Sodano - Vice President  
Charlie Sodano Charlie started his career as a research chemist in the pharmaceutical and consumer products industries. Then in 1997 got a new job that required expertise not only for managing scientific information, but financial, legal and drug clinical trial information too. Lucky for Charlie, the ARMA Mt Diablo chapter was just starting up in the East Bay and over the years provided personalized training via interaction with fellow members to fill some gaps in his background.
Charlie served as a volunteer leader in the Mt Diablo chapter for several years, then moved over to ARMA’s Pacific Region leadership team. He currently is the Director of the region which consists of over 600 members in 14 chapters covering California, Nevada, Utah and Hawaii.
Looking to get better acquainted with the other Mt Diablo chapter members and continue to learn from them.
Check out my LinkedIn site for more detailed career background and experience.
Karen Denton - Treasurer  
Karen Denton Karen Denton joined the Office of the Registrar at the University of California at Berkeley in June of 1967 as a Junior Clerk, updating Incomplete grades all day long!!.
For a short time in the 90's she worked in the Faculty Athletics Rep Office responsible for certifying the eligibility of athletes. This is where she really learned how to use a computer and what were reveal codes!

She was promoted to Assistant Registrar 20 years ago and currently is the Senior Assistant Registrar. She is responsible for all historical and current student transcripts, grading and implementing UC policy. Four years ago, the campus purchased People Soft Campus Solutions and her days were filled with working with consultants to make sure the conversion from the former DB2 database to Campus Solutions was a success. In Fall 2016, it went live and three years later, she is still finding new ways to improve processes and fixing conversion errors.

She has been a staff member for almost 50 years. Check out her podcast at 49 Years and Loving It
Shaenine Turner - Secretary  

Shaenine Turner
Shaenine is the Facilities & Records Associate for Calpine Corporation; the largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources in the US. Her career started 30+ years ago in biomedical Quality Assurance structuring Document Control systems to comply with FDA regulations and ISO 9001 standards. She has been an ARMA member since 2016 and was previously the Vice President and Secretary for the Silicon Valley Chapter.
Vivian Chiu - Immediate Past President  

Vivian Chiu
Waiting to hear from Vivian...
 Hospitality Director -- Vacant  

Jessica Blair - Membership Director  
Jessica Blair Waiting to hear from Jessica...
Andrea Wood - Publications Director  
Andrea Wood In 38 years at Chevron Corporation, Andrea Wood has witnessed a phenomenal evolution in Records and Information Management. From managing hardcopy files in the hundreds of thousands through fledgling attempts at computer document management, to today’s more robust enterprise content management systems, she’s seen it all.
At one point, she directed dozens of contractors in replicating over 20,000 hardcopy files, including blue line logs. She also supervised the merging of millions of files following one of the largest corporate mergers in history. And she’s survived multiple additional mergers and acquisitions, and the data migration that went with them. In addition, she once produced a complete RIM Program for a newly created company.
Andrea joined ARMA International in 1987, shortly after transitioning into the Corporate Records Management workgroup. Ten years later she helped to establish a new Chapter in the San Francisco East Bay region, serving as the Charter Vice President of the Chapter which was named for Mount Diablo. She has filled every Board position in the Chapter in the last 22 years.
In 2008 she joined the ranks of the Institute of Certified Records Managers, having successfully completed the CRM Exam.
After retiring from Chevron in 2011, Andrea has offered free advice to municipal clerks in cities and towns in the East Bay. In 2019 she completed Government 101, a course presented by the City of San Ramon, in order to improve her understanding of the unique challenges faced by City Clerks.
As for “Me Time”, Andrea enjoys crocheting small blankets, sweaters, hats, gloves and toys. Many of these creations may be found (briefly) in the Fundraiser Display Cabinet at the Martinez Senior Center.

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