Fall Kick-Off Meeting October 27th

As we begin the 2016-2017 year, please join us for our Fall Kick-Off Meeting October 27th at 5:30 PM in Walnut Creek. We will be hosting a complimentary (as in free) appetizer buffet to determine just what our Members want to get out of their ARMA Membership. This month’s meeting will be a Roundtable Discussion to explore which aspects of the RIM Industry that matter most to you.

What one word would you use to describe “ARMA”?

I would use the word, “sharing”.

Younger members sharing their technological skills with “more seasoned” members. Knowledgeable members sharing their experience with Millennials, and such.

Bring your success stories, your horror stories, your questions and advice.

“How do we transition from a granular, department-based Retention Schedule to a “Big Bucket” one? (Been there, done that.)

Do you have a magnificent Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that you would love to show off? Or are you just trying to find guidance on how to corral all of that information floating around loose in “The Cloud”?

Make the connection with other Members who may have the answers to your most pressing questions. Or you may have theirs.

The meeting is free, but we need people to register so we can have an accurate head-count.

Register today!

Did I mention there will be a raffle for free PRIZES?